Responsible & Effective Control of Rodents

It is the responsibility of anyone carrying out rodent control to be familiar with the change in legislation on 1st June 2016. 

The MKT course is designed to help people plan and carry out rat and mouse control. It is intended to provide a full working knowledge of both preventative and curative methods to be able to plan, implement and monitor a control programme. This course provides an opportunity to gain an industry recognised certificate that will be a requirement for users from 1st June 2016. There are changes going on at the moment and these changes will affect all users of Rat and Mouse poisons. The use of products is tightening up and the main effect being that by 1st June 2016 every bait user will have to hold an “appropriate” certificate of training before they can buy commercial amounts of bait. 

If you already hold a Lantra Rodent certificate dated 2009 or later this will be sufficient and you can carry on. If not you will only be able to buy “amateur” quantities of 2 kg max.

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